[Urwid] How to push a widget to the bottom?

Lukasz Grabowski graboluk at gmail.com
Sun Mar 1 10:07:00 EST 2015

I'd like to use Filler (or something else) to "push a widget to the bottom".

I have a pile of [something, something, Columns] and in the Columns I
have [GridFlow, GridFlow, Text]. The problem is that the first
GridFlow takes always exactly one line and the second GridFlow takes
anything between 1-4 lines  so I'd like to have the first GridFlow
pushed to the bottom

I tried exchanging the first GridFlow with Filler(GridFlow) but uriwd
keeps complaining.

Here's a screenshot: http://homepages.warwick.ac.uk/~masmbh/s.png I'd
like to push "j a c s" in the bottom left corner completely to the

Best, Lukasz

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