[Urwid] Possible Urwid frontend

Thomas Ballinger tom at hackerschool.com
Fri May 9 22:03:02 EDT 2014

Following up on this:

http://ballingt.com/2013/12/21/bpython-curtsies.html shows examples, and is
included in the soon-to-be-released bpython 0.13.

Does support for command line interfaces with this behavior belong in
urwid? I've used my own terminal wrapper thing (
https://github.com/thomasballinger/curtsies) but using urwid instead would
be cool (as would understanding urwid well enough to know that this
functionality doesn't belong in urwid). Thoughts?



On Sat, Jun 29, 2013 at 1:18 AM, Thomas Ballinger <tom at hackerschool.com>wrote:

> Has there been any work on or does there already exist an Urwid frontend
> that would work for keeping history for a widget-drawing REPL integrated
> with the rest of terminal history?
> I'm playing with the idea here (
> https://github.com/thomasballinger/scottwasright, screencast
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9-W3M7L0ovQ&feature=youtu.be) and
> mentioned it in the the #bpython irc channel, where it was suggested to me
> this might make sense as an Urwid frontend. Is this within the purvue of
> Urwid? (the repl use case seems fairly different from apps using Urwid I'm
> used besides bpython) If so, is this still too special-purpose to think
> about integrating into Urwid as a frontend?
> -Tom
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