[Urwid] Columns container don't change focus, is it normal ?

Goffi goffi at goffi.org
Tue Jan 28 13:12:52 EST 2014


I have a small question with the new behaviour with Columns.contents.

I create a Columns container with just a Text Widget (so it's not selectable).  
columns.focus = 0 once created.

After that, I append a selectable widget (say an EditBox):

columns.contents.append((edit_box, columns.options()))

but the focus doesn't change and the columns stay not selectable. I would 
expect that when there is no selectable widget in a Columns container, if I 
had one it take focus and columns become selectable.

I can do it manually something, just after append widget to columns:
if not columns.selectable() and widget.selectable():
    columns.focus_position = len(columns.contents)-1

So do I do something wrong and is the behaviour normal ?


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