[Urwid] Auto-scroll ListBox

Abhinav Singh abhinavsingh at ymail.com
Wed Jul 31 10:22:38 EDT 2013


Looking for auto-scroll solution on list boxes, I came across following mail thread: http://lists.excess.org/pipermail/urwid/attachments/20100922/b79889b9/attachment.py

On similar lines here is the piece of code I m trying:

abox.set_focus(abox.body.focus + 1)

This results in "No widget at position 1" error and application just exits.

If I comment out the 2nd line of code (i.e. line where I do set_focus), application continues to work and list boxes continue to update. However, they don't scroll to the bottom.

Can someone point me to what am I doing wrong here?

PS: I m using urwid==1.1.1

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