[Urwid] Shifting focus while using urwid.Columns

Abhinav Singh abhinavsingh at ymail.com
Wed Jul 31 06:48:01 EDT 2013


I m new to urwid and here is  the layout I am currently using:

leftbox = urwid.ListBox(RemotailWalker())
rightbox = urwid.ListBox(RemotailWalker())
column = urwid.Columns([leftbox, rightbox])
header = urwid.AttrMap(urwid.Text(header_text), 'header')
footer = urwid.AttrMap(urwid.Text(footer_text), 'footer')
frame = urwid.Frame(column, header=header, footer=footer)
loop = urwid.MainLoop(frame, palette, unhandled_input=exit_on_q)

When I launch my console application focus is always set to leftbox. How can I use my mouse or probably arrows to shift focus to right box?

Any pointers to relevant documentation or example will be of great help.


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