[Urwid] Fwd: ScrollView, TabView, SplitView and a question

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Wed Feb 13 09:49:07 EST 2013

Sorry for the slow reply, I need to fix my spam filtering.

Urwid's mouse event handling doesn't go beyond col/row 255, but I'd be
happy to add SGR 1006 handling.  Can you point me to the information
about this protocol and what terminals support it?

On Tue, Feb 5, 2013 at 1:34 PM, R J Cooper
<support01 at mountainstorm.co.uk> wrote:
> I've been playing around with urwid and I like it; it reminds me of the glory days of TurboVision.  Whilst playing around I've created a simple TabView, SplitView and ScrollView and thought I'd share them in case anyone else is interested.  They need some work; documentation, a bit of tidying up and the scrollview needs to translate events when it passes them through to its content.
> Have a look: https://github.com/mountainstorm/mt_urwid
> in return I've got a question.  How do I enable SGR 1006 (in both my terminal and urwid).  I know my terminal (iTerm2) supports SGR 1006, and I'm guessing I need to do "export TERM=xterm-1006" - I currently do "export TERM=xterm-1003" ... but I get an error with 1006.  Should it work and if not, is there any other way I can get mouse events for col/rows beyond 225ish?
> Thanks
> Rich
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