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Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Thu Apr 12 08:54:07 EDT 2012

Sure, just put Divider widgets between the buttons and give them a weighted
width and the remaining space will be distributed across them.

On Apr 12, 2012 4:45 AM, "Andrew Higginson" <at.higginson at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> I have an issue which is that I want a set of buttons to be packed
> horizontally.
> I want each button to only be its minimum width (i.e. not grow to fill
> space) and I don't want each button to be the same width (i.e. not
> homogeneous), they should be different
> I also want the spacing in between each button to grow according to the
> width of the screen (the spacing should be equal)
> The issue I have is that when I pack buttons into an urwid.Columns, the
> buttons are all the same width and therefore as wide as the widest
> button. If I pack them as fixed items, the issue goes away however the
> spacing between each item does not grow to fit the screen, it remains
> constant (as set by the dividechars argument)
> Is there a way for me to achieve what is described? :)
> Thanks
> --
> Andrew
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