[Urwid] Container Help

Andrew Higginson at.higginson at gmail.com
Thu Apr 12 04:45:48 EDT 2012


I have an issue which is that I want a set of buttons to be packed

I want each button to only be its minimum width (i.e. not grow to fill
space) and I don't want each button to be the same width (i.e. not
homogeneous), they should be different

I also want the spacing in between each button to grow according to the
width of the screen (the spacing should be equal)

The issue I have is that when I pack buttons into an urwid.Columns, the
buttons are all the same width and therefore as wide as the widest
button. If I pack them as fixed items, the issue goes away however the
spacing between each item does not grow to fit the screen, it remains
constant (as set by the dividechars argument)

Is there a way for me to achieve what is described? :)



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