[Urwid] CRUD

bino oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Sun Sep 11 21:48:43 EDT 2011

Dear all.

I realy appreciate for help on my problem ( ref : 
http://lists.excess.org/pipermail/urwid/2011-September/001119.html ).

Basically I want to write a parent-child CRUD for sales-order and 

Practically the SOL crud will be "invisible" , since all transaction 
detail (id, date, total) is autogenerated.

the basic view of SOL will just like what discussed before.
My CRUD methode (kindly please give better idea) is :

1. In the background I will have 2 or more lists (Currently : mydataID , 
2. "actual" CRUD will be done agains that lists
3. The content of Bottomwalker will be always re-generated when there is 
a changes on the lists
(note#3 : Is this fast enough for let's say for 300 rows ?)

Now, there will be no edit widget in main-screen.
A. whenever a user want to Create/Update/Delete record, he/she need to 
click "+"/Enter/"-" button respectively, and
B. the edit screen will poped-up, with respective mode .. i mean :
b.1. in Update/Delete mode : User will send back to main screen right 
after finishing single operation.
b.2. in Create mode : user stay at this screen for multiple create 
process ... and send back to main screen if they give (i.e:) "*" 
character to the ID field.

On all mode, the BottomWalker will updated in each record change process.

My question is :
1. Kindly please give your review, critic, curse, better idea to my mind 
2. How to get informed on what widget currently are we in ?
3. How to catch keyboard event ?
4. how to get the index/item number of currently selected item on 
BottomWalker ?


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