[Urwid] question : how to display python list using listbox

bino oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Thu Sep 8 23:50:33 EDT 2011

Dear all ..

I tried to read the sample scripts (specialy "browse.py", but still 
didn't get the picture yet.

here is my condition:
I have two list ;
mydataID = ['D01','D02','D04','D5']
mydataTXT = [
     'data one',
     'data two',
     'data three',
     'data four',
     'data five',

My question is , how to :
1. Devide the full screen size into two part (top and bottom)
2. the bottom part will display my lists as --> mydataID+' '+mydataTXT
     i.e : 'D01 data one'
     each UP/DOWN button stroke will move the higlight to another 
listbox row
3. the top part will have two line :
     a. ID --> will display value of mydataID of currently highlighted row
     b. TXT --> will display value of mydataTXT of currently highlighted row
     i.e : if the highlit is at third row of listbox, the top part will 
display :
         ID     = D01
         TXT    = data three

Actualy i'm trying to write a dead simple Point of sale as my case study

Kindly please give me your enlightment


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