[Urwid] Lots of progress bars (help pls)

Yassen Damyanov yassen_tis at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 24 12:12:21 EST 2011

Hello Ian and community!

I'm new to urwid; trying to compose an application that needs to show lots (LOTS!) of progress bars at the same time. Could be some 10 to 20, of them, depending on external factors.

I've been digging into urwid for a couple of days already but with a limited success. So I decided to ask for some help:

(1) Would anyone suggest a widget class (or configuration of classes) that would let progress bars order themselves let's say 5 or 6 per row (all should be the same width). (A snippet of code would be highly appreciated.)

(2) I would like that composite to have a border built using pseudo-graphical characters on a utf-8 console. Any suggestions for a suitable decorator (or how to build one) ?

Thank you in advance!

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