[Urwid] No such signal 'update palette entry' for object.

Senthil Kumaran senthil at uthcode.com
Sat May 21 04:52:35 EDT 2011

On Thu, May 19, 2011 at 09:58:47AM -0400, Ian Ward wrote:
> > - I see in setup.py that use_2to_3 flag is True when it is PYTHON3.
> > So, I assume that all you had to do was install distribute on python3
> > and do a python3 setup.py install for urwid to be available on
> > python3. right?
> Yes, that works for me.

That distribute bug was resolved in the latest codeline and I could
try python3 on urwid. Thanks it works!

- Do you have anythings which are pending before you like to announce
  (or release in pypi) as python3 compatible?

Given the nature of urwid, other packages which were dependent upon
this can consider moving to python3 now.

Thank you,

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