[Urwid] problem with fixed Pile

Florian Kanngiesser fkann at wh-netz.de
Wed May 4 06:55:30 EDT 2011

I can confirm this strange behavior. If I use a pile and shrink the 
terminal window to a small size the application crashes with 
urwid.widget.WidgetError: Widget <Pile selectable widget> rendered (52 x 
2) canvas when passed size (52, 1)!


Am 04.05.2011 03:50, schrieb Ian Ward:
> On 05/02/2011 10:42 AM, s.wypler at online.de wrote:
>> Hi there,
>> my intention is to create a table with a fixed table head that keeps its position when the user scrolls trough it.
>> I achieved it by putting 2 ListBoxes in a Pile. The first ListBox contains the headlines (6 lines to be exact) and I passed it with a fixed height to the Pile. The second list box contains the data where the user can scroll over.
>> That works pretty well except the console is resized to a height smaller than the fixed height of the table head.
>> The error is:
>> "WidgetError: Widget<Pile selectable widget>   rendered (78 x 7) canvas when passed size (78, 6)!"
> Yes, that looks like a Pile bug.
>> What can I do to save it from crashing?
>> any ideas to create this layout in a better way?
> I'm not sure I understand exacty what you mean, would you post a short
> example that demonstrates your layout?
> Ian
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