[Urwid] Video of my project using urwid and urwid-satext

goffi goffi at goffi.org
Mon May 2 08:09:40 EDT 2011


I have just posted a video demonstrating my XMPP client which use urwid 
and urwid-satext, the widgets library I have made for urwid.
Sorry it's in french, but you can see the widgets I have made in action: 
go to 0:06:00 to see it.
At 0:12:00 you can see the file dialog in action.

You can find the video here, it use the HTML 5 video tag, and WebM, so 
you need a recent browser (i.e. firefox 4): 

You can also use VLC (>= 1.1) or mplayer:
mplayer "http://www.goffi.org/videos/pr%c3%a9sentation_S%c3%a0T.webm"

Thanks to urwid for saving me lot of time :)


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