[Urwid] [bugreport] container.py

Patrick Totzke patricktotzke at googlemail.com
Wed Dec 14 17:08:13 EST 2011

Hi Ian,
you were right: I was focussing an empty Pile. Not adding
this widget fixes the issue for me.
I wasn't able to extract a small example however. My interface
is quite complex. I know that i have something like:

Frame: body ->
    Pile of Text (nonempty)
    Pile of Text (empty)

everything is selectable.
If you scroll down so that only the last Text is visible
and then scroll up again, focussing the empty Pile above,
the error occurs. If you focus the first Pile (via pageup)
all is ok. Strangely, if the first Pile is focussed and
you hit 'down', the empty Pile either doesn't get selected
or can deal with this fine: no exception is raised.

I hope this helps,
thanks for your support!

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