[Urwid] Lots of progress bars (help pls)

Yassen Damyanov yassen_tis at yahoo.com
Thu Dec 8 08:19:02 EST 2011

>>  (1) Would anyone suggest a widget class (or configuration of classes)
>>  that would let progress bars order themselves let's say 5 or 6 per
>>  row (all should be the same width). (A snippet of code would be
>>  highly appreciated.)
> You want to make a grid of progress bars?  You might be able to extend
> GridFlow to do that sort of thing.

Ian, thank you for the suggestion; I seem to start figuring all that out. (It was rather hard for me to grasp the concepts at first.)

Ian: just to report that the examples page on urwid site:


has all of its examples' links broken for some reason. These used to work couple of days ago.

Thank you so much for this great ui framework!

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