[Urwid] Rendering standout attribute across entire Columns widget

Jacob Courtneay jacob at sporkexec.com
Wed Aug 24 14:07:41 EDT 2011

Ian Ward <ian <at> excess.org> writes:
> When you use text attributes inline they will follow the text exactly, 
> including wrapping and line ends, not extend to fill the whole rendered 
> area.  They let you hilight individual words or phrases in a body of 
> text.  AttrMap is what you need to colour a whole widget.

That makes perfect sense, thanks so much!

> >
> > Also, is there a simple way to have attributes "inherit" from their parents 
> > vice versa? i.e. in the above example, instead of making the row standout is
> > there a way to make the entire row bold without remapping every attribute?
> Not at the moment, but if you can think of what a good API would look 
> like I'd be interested.  Problems include supporting mono/16/88/256 
> colour modes equally well, and the fact that some combinations don't 
> work very well on some terminals.

I'll think about this. One of my biggest gripes from what I can see is how 
verbose the attribute markup is. Some kind of stylesheet-like palette would be 
nice. I'll definitely reply if I get any concrete ideas/examples.

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