[Urwid] Example 3.1 didn't work

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Wed Jul 28 08:33:57 EDT 2010

Bino Oetomo wrote on 2010-07-28 04:08:
> .Dear All
> I try to learn more about listbox of urwid.
> I copy example 3.1 from http://excess.org/urwid/tutorial.html
> the result is :
> 1. Screen displayed
> 2. Key press indicator at the top : work, but
> 3. The blue highlight did not move up and down
> Kindly please tell me what to do.

In example 3.1 the widgets displayed aren't selectable, so the focus
widget won't change unless it needs to for scrolling.  Shrink your
terminal window down small enough that the display needs to scroll and
that example should work.


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