[Urwid] Question : Listbox with HighLight

Bino Oetomo bino at indoakses-online.com
Mon Jul 26 04:41:28 EDT 2010

Dear All .
I Did a googling but find nothing.

Kindly please give me you enlightment on how to do this.

A. Suppose I have a list like :
myList = ['This is 1st Line', 'This is 2nd line', 'This is 3rd line', 
'This is 4th line']

B. I Want a screen like below :

Dynamic TextDisplay here
Header-ROW (static text)
This is 1st Line
This is 2nd line
This is 3rd line
This is 4th line


Note :
===   : Just a screen top and bottom limit

What I want is :
1. Highlight is moving from line to line according pressed up/down arrow key
2. The dynamic textdisplay is displaying whatever highlited line

How is the codes ?

I realy appreciate your enlightment


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