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check the browse.py example at following link
and source code here


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> I'm sorry if it happens to get sent twice. I sent it at first from other
> address than I was subscribed with and was not sure whether it got accepted
> or
> filtered. Anyways, the original message follows :-)
> Hello there.
> I'm trying to find a "proper" approach to displaying some filesystem-like
> structure.
> I have some objects, let's call them directories and files for simplicity.
> What I want to achieve is to present it in a "one depth level at a time"
> approach (like one of Norton Commander panels, for example).
> I think I can construct a suitable ListWalker. But I'm not sure how to
> approach the problem of traversing the directories.
> If I do a MyDirListWalker(directoryobject), the "natural" approach would be
> to
> simply switch in the ListBox to another MyDirListWalker() based on another
> directory. But I'm not sure if the ListBox will be ok with that.
> Or should I just remove all contents from the old listwalker and add now
> ones?
> I think this approach is "uglier".
> Any ideas/advices?
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