[Urwid] Completely changing listbox contents

Mariusz Kruk Mariusz.Kruk at epsilon.eu.org
Tue Jul 20 05:07:16 EDT 2010

I'm sorry if it happens to get sent twice. I sent it at first from other 
address than I was subscribed with and was not sure whether it got accepted or 
filtered. Anyways, the original message follows :-)

Hello there.
I'm trying to find a "proper" approach to displaying some filesystem-like 
I have some objects, let's call them directories and files for simplicity. 
What I want to achieve is to present it in a "one depth level at a time" 
approach (like one of Norton Commander panels, for example).
I think I can construct a suitable ListWalker. But I'm not sure how to 
approach the problem of traversing the directories.
If I do a MyDirListWalker(directoryobject), the "natural" approach would be to 
simply switch in the ListBox to another MyDirListWalker() based on another 
directory. But I'm not sure if the ListBox will be ok with that.
Or should I just remove all contents from the old listwalker and add now ones? 
I think this approach is "uglier".
Any ideas/advices?

.\.Kruk at epsilon.eu.org.\.\. 

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