[Urwid] Pile failing to render all items after widget_list.append()

Jacob jake at hippiejake.doesntexist.com
Fri Jul 2 16:58:39 EDT 2010


I've come across an odd problem while subclassing Pile.
The widget list [which is the MonitoredList created by Pile::__init__] holds the 
correct content when appended to, but nothing new is rendered.

In the example below, I would expect all three Text widgets to be displayed, but 
only the 'Me first!' widget appears.

Looking through Pile::render and doing a bit of debugging, it appears that the 
problem is on line 819 of container.py in the Pile class:
"for (f, height), w in  zip(self.item_types, self.widget_list):"
item_types is only one, and zip truncates the results to one tuple.

I had assumed that appending to the MonitoredList widget_list would 
automatically take care of these sorts of things.
My question is, what is the best way to get around this?

Thanks a ton!

[For reference, this is with Urwid and Python 2.5.2.]
import urwid
from sys import argv, exit

class MyPile(urwid.Pile):
    def __init__(self, widget_list):
        super(MyPile, self).__init__((urwid.Text('Me first!'),))
        for w in widget_list:

wid_list = urwid.Text('one text'), urwid.Text('another text')

if argv[1] == '1':
    pile = urwid.Pile(wid_list)
elif argv[1] == '2':
    pile = MyPile(wid_list)
    print('Usage', argv[0], '{1 or 2}')

fill = urwid.Filler(pile)

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