[Urwid] TreeWidget/TreeWalker class

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Sun Feb 14 08:32:54 EST 2010

Rob Lanphier wrote:
> I spent the past week hammering away at TreeWidget/TreeWalker, and I 
> have something now that I'm pretty confident is a general purpose 
> widget.  In addition to rewriting my own app to use it, I rewrote 
> urwid's browse.py sample app to take advantage of it, which other than a 
> couple minor cosmetic changes, performs identically to the version that 
> ships with urwid.  Code is here: 
> http://bitbucket.org/robla/urwid-treetools/

I see this is based on 0.9.8, would you update the code for 0.9.9 
(_get_w and _set_w instead of get_w and set_w, using MainLoop)  Also it 
would be nice to see how this modified code is used by another app to 
see the reasoning behind your changes.

It's quite a bit of extra code to include with the browse.py example, 
but it should be possible to incorporate some of the changes back.  Or 
with the changes above I could include your code in the urwid-contrib repo.


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