[Urwid] SàT: XMPP client with urwid frontend smalls remarks about urwid

goffi at goffi.org goffi at goffi.org
Thu Aug 26 23:24:12 EDT 2010

Quoting Ian Ward <ian at excess.org>:

> Urwid is old (predates GPLv3) and I'm not interested enough in licensing
> to have done a comparison.

Licensing is boring to me too =). The main additions in GPL v3 are protections
against Tivoization and other ways to walk around GPL, which where not known at
the time of v2. I have seen several companies trying to do that, and if we can
avoid it, it's better.

> Once the widgets are separated out I could start by putting them in with
> the contributed examples.  I know people would find them useful even in
> their current state.

Oki I'll do it ASAP.


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