[Urwid] SàT: XMPP client with urwid frontend + smalls remarks about urwid

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Thu Aug 26 09:48:52 EDT 2010

goffi wrote on 2010-08-23 03:32:
> On 21/08/10 20:51, Ian Ward wrote:
>> That's great to see.  Is there any chance you would license that file
>> more permissively so that parts of it might become part of Urwid? (Urwid
>> is LGPLv2)
> Well, I will keep my main project under GPL v3, but I can understand the 
> need of LGPL for a library, so what can I do is separate the widgets in 
> a library, and release it under LGPL. BTW, why are you using LGPL v2 
> instead of v3 ?

Urwid is old (predates GPLv3) and I'm not interested enough in licensing
to have done a comparison.

I did initially release Urwid under the GPL but changed to the LGPL
after someone asked for a more permissive license.

> I would really be happy to see theses widgets part of Urwid, but I think 
> the code need some work to reach your coding standard and to follow your 
> coding style (it use a mix of CamelCase and underline_names as I use 
> CamelCase for function names, and Urwid use underlines), it probably 
> need a review from Urwid devs.
> In addition, I use some stuff specific to my project, which need to be a 
> little more generic (for example the code to render focus is really 
> ugly). I put below a list of the available widgets. Please also note 
> that I'm currently travelling, until next December, so I'm not easily 
> available on IRC (I don't always have an Internet connexion), so the 
> best is probably to contact me by mail.

Once the widgets are separated out I could start by putting them in with
the contributed examples.  I know people would find them useful even in
their current state.


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