[Urwid] A couple of urwid-related talks I'm planning to give

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Sat Apr 3 22:47:13 EDT 2010

Rob Lanphier wrote on 2010-04-03 19:43:
> Anything in particular about urwid that I should highlight for people
> that are brand new to urwid?  I don't expect anyone to walk out of
> either of these sessions having remembered more than 3-4 things, so
> what are the most important 3-4 things people should walk away with?

That's great to hear Rob!

The twisted-conch work Ali Afshar started (serve lots of ssh users with
one app) is very promising, very cool.  I hope to pull that in to Urwid
some time soon.

Also, the work to support Twisted and Glib by just changing a parameter
on the MainLoop class is extremely handy for apps that need it.

And maybe something about Urwid not trying to be TurboVision (for those
old enough to remember that)  UI concepts that work well on the console
are often different than ones that work for GUIs.  The most popular
console apps are space-efficient and keyboard-focused.  I've tried to
write Urwid for that kind of app.

Finally: pretty colours.  Urwid supports lots of them.  :-)


BTW, Are there going to be videos of either of the talks available?

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