[Urwid] How do you use SimpleListWalker?

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Sat Jun 20 17:14:46 EDT 2009

Dominic LoBue wrote:
> I just found what you're talking about in browse.py. You basically
> have self.widget being set to urwid.Text(somevar) when you initialize
> the class, when somevar being passed when you instantiate the class.
> This would make the text that the widget displays static, wouldn't it?
> That won't work in my case since I plan on dynamically displaying a
> little summary on the newest messages in the thread (subject, labels,
> senders, date of last message, etc).

You can always call self.widget.set_text(somevalue) when the subject, 
senders, labels, etc change.  Then the widget knows it needs to be redrawn.


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