[Urwid] ANN: PuDB - the Python Urwid Debugger

Andreas Klöckner lists at informa.tiker.net
Sat Jun 13 12:10:37 EDT 2009

(Resend from subscribed address)

On Mittwoch 10 Juni 2009, Ian Ward wrote:
> Andreas Klöckner wrote:
> > While I'm at it, two questions for Ian:
> >
> > - I'd love to be able to replace the hardcoded sys.stdout in raw_display.
> > Would you take a patch? (This would allow me to implement an option to
> > hijack sys.stdout. This would get rid of the annoying flicker on every
> > program execution step.)
> I encourage patches.  If it's general and useful I might even apply it :-)

Attached. Let me know what you think.

> I wish I knew when I will have enough time to finish the release.  I'm
> starting to think I should scale back what will be going out in 0.9.9 just
> to try to get it out sooner.

I think scaling back might be wise. Nobody is going to be upset if you do two 
more incremental releases rather than one gargantuan one.

Unrelatedly, PuDB has progressed to version 0.91.2, which makes PuDB into a 
much more useful debugger by fixing a large number of issues and adding a few 
features. Feedback would be much appreciated. (And yes, 'easy_install pudb' 
actually works now.)

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