[Urwid] ANN: PuDB - the Python Urwid Debugger

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Wed Jun 10 10:54:54 EDT 2009

Andreas Klöckner wrote:
> While I'm at it, two questions for Ian:
> - I'd love to be able to replace the hardcoded sys.stdout in raw_display. 
> Would you take a patch? (This would allow me to implement an option to hijack 
> sys.stdout. This would get rid of the annoying flicker on every program 
> execution step.)

I encourage patches.  If it's general and useful I might even apply it :-)

> - What's the perspective for the next release? PuDB's interface looks even 
> nicer when it can use underline and bold. :)

I wish I knew when I will have enough time to finish the release.  I'm starting
to think I should scale back what will be going out in 0.9.9 just to try to get
it out sooner.


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