[Urwid] ANN: PuDB - the Python Urwid Debugger

Andreas Klöckner lists at informa.tiker.net
Tue Jun 9 10:53:00 EDT 2009

On Dienstag 09 Juni 2009, you wrote:
>  * When using the "q" key to quit, I cannot see any of the characters I
> enter into the terminal after pudb exits until I reset the terminal using
> the "reset" command.

Is the program you're debugging using urwid as well? I saw some urwid code in 
wicd. If so, pudb and your code are fighting over the use of the alternate 
buffer, and the result is likely garbage. Fixing his depends on the "output 
hijacking" I mentioned. It's kind of ironic that Urwid code would be the one 
type of code which pudb doesn't usefully debug. :)

If you're not using urwid (or other curses stuff), then I don't know. I can't 
reproduce this on "regular" code.

>  * When using the "!" key to invoke a Python shell, I cannot see anything I
> type and the prompt is not aligned with the left side of the screen. Typing
> blindly still results in the expected output, which is also not
> left-aligned.

Likely the same issue as above.

>  * For whatever reason, the __file__ variable does not exist when using
> PuDB, which causes my test program to raise an exception that is not raised
> when it is executed normally.


> I am using the Gnome terminal, Python 2.6, Urwid on Ubuntu 9.04.
> The program I was running was wicd-client (from wicd) using python -m pudb
> /usr/lib/wicd/wicd-client.py.
> A couple other things that aren't bugs, but should perhaps be considered:
>  * In the Gnome terminal, F1 is mapped to the terminal's help command, so
> pressing it does not have the desired effect until terminal's help is
> disabled. You may wish to consider changing the key from F1 to something
> else.


>  * Syntax highlighting is silently disabled if pygments is not installed.
> Perhaps a short warning or a message the first time the program is run
> indicating the problem?

Fixed. (Currently, this is "every time the program is run".)

> Other than those things, it looks very useful. I'm not an expert on Urwid,
> so I can't give you too much of an idea on how to fix the above problems,
> but this is the Urwid mailing list, so I expect someone else on here
> probably can ;)

I've rolled 0.90.4 with the above fixes.

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