[Urwid] bug in urwid tutorial and supplication for help

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Fri Dec 11 07:06:32 EST 2009

Erik Osheim wrote:
> So I've been subscribed to the Urwid list for awhile but haven't really
> taken the plunge and grokked Uriwd yet. I come in supplication to the
> list with two questions:
> 1. Does the first ListBox example in section 3 of the tutorial work for
> anyone using the Urwid in Mercurial. I am trying to use the most recent
> version and while it doesn't crash, I can't move focus around (which I
> think the example is supposed to allow one to do). I tried this example
> because I'm having trouble handling focus and wanted to see how the
> example worked.

You need to shrink your terminal window down small enough that the 
contents need to scroll, nothing will happen if the top and bottom are 
fully visible.  Maybe that's something I should make clearer in the 

> 2. Is there an example anywhere of a program that uses a side bar
> listing and a main viewer box? You could think of this as a listing of
> object names on the left side, and then some detailed info about the
> selected object on the right side. I am able to things to look right on
> launch, but I can't (yet) figure out how to correctly handle the focus
> and redrawing.
> I suspect my experience with curses is hindering rather than helping
> me, because I have a good sense of how to do this "my" way but not the
> Urwid way. I would be happy to post some code that I have if it would
> be useful.

Yes, It's hard to make a recommendation without seeing what you're 
doing, please post a short example to the list.


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