[Urwid] bug in urwid tutorial and supplication for help

Erik Osheim erik at plastic-idolatry.com
Thu Dec 10 14:35:49 EST 2009

So I've been subscribed to the Urwid list for awhile but haven't really
taken the plunge and grokked Uriwd yet. I come in supplication to the
list with two questions:

1. Does the first ListBox example in section 3 of the tutorial work for
anyone using the Urwid in Mercurial. I am trying to use the most recent
version and while it doesn't crash, I can't move focus around (which I
think the example is supposed to allow one to do). I tried this example
because I'm having trouble handling focus and wanted to see how the
example worked.

2. Is there an example anywhere of a program that uses a side bar
listing and a main viewer box? You could think of this as a listing of
object names on the left side, and then some detailed info about the
selected object on the right side. I am able to things to look right on
launch, but I can't (yet) figure out how to correctly handle the focus
and redrawing.

I suspect my experience with curses is hindering rather than helping
me, because I have a good sense of how to do this "my" way but not the
Urwid way. I would be happy to post some code that I have if it would
be useful.


-- Erik

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