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Iñigo Serna inigoserna at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 13:08:27 EDT 2009


2009/8/13 Ian Ward <ian at excess.org>

> how long ago were you working on lfm?  If it was more than a couple
> years some of Urwid's performance issues might have been addressed.

The first entry in ChangeLog is from Jun 2001. I have some C code with an
initial implementation of lfm dated on March 2001.

Searching on urwid mailing list [1], it looks like my experiments with lfm
and urwid started on Apr 2007. Most of UI code of lfm was written by then.
If I can remember correctly, I didn't go the urwid way finally due to
performance concerns (I did some simple tests) and, mainly, to avoid adding
an external dependency (some users didn't want to / couldn't  depend on
anything but python standard library).

Anyway, if I start a new console application these days, I'm pretty sure I
would use urwid. But lfm is too tied to ncurses by now.

Best regards,

[1]  http://www.mail-archive.com/urwid@lists.excess.org/msg00130.html
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