[Urwid] Announcing XYZCommander 0.0.beta

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Thu Aug 13 09:16:14 EDT 2009

Iñigo Serna wrote:
> Hi Max, all
> 2009/8/5 Max E. Kuznecov <syhpoon at syhpoon.name 
> <mailto:syhpoon at syhpoon.name>>
>     Hello,
>     Finally I've managed to release the first beta-version of my project
>     on which I was working for almost two years.
>     XYZCommander is a console visual shell, a.k.a. file manager and it
>     uses urwid for rendering.
> I'm also developing a python curses-based file manager, lfm [1], I'm 
> using a pure ncurses approach though.
> I somehow ported some of the code to urwid a couple of years ago, but as 
> speed was not good enough and didn't want to add an external dependency 
> I continued with the traditional ncurses approach.
> Btw, building the UI with urwid was much more easier than using curses...

Hello Iñigo,

how long ago were you working on lfm?  If it was more than a couple 
years some of Urwid's performance issues might have been addressed.

However there are still quite a few changes required before Urwid is 
smart enough to recognize when one character has changed and not bother 
to re-render all the parent widgets of the changed widget.


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