[Urwid] urwid and twisted

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Mon Dec 29 08:55:45 EST 2008

Ian Ward wrote:
> Christian Scharkus wrote:
>> Hi everybody.
>> I'm currently writing a small chatclient based upon twisted in a mvc 
>> pattern and decided (because of the python-curses module not 
>> supporting clean utf-8 output) to write the userinterface with urwid. 
>> I've found a little example for a irc-client in urwid using the same 
>> method to join with twisted I used with curses (register with the 
>> reactor using the addReader-method) and began to implement input at 
>> first. In my humble opinion the code should work but it isn't. I 
>> discovered the twisted main loop in urwid too but have no idea how to 
>> make use of it.
>> Here the code and the exception
>> http://codepad.org/0Hlvmp1b
> I might have introduced a bug into the latest hg version of 
> raw_display.  I've run into a similar problem in some code I am working 
> on, let me look into it.

Try the latest from hg.  I broke raw_display for displaying things 
without an attribute set.

(generic,twisted)_main_loop are some new APIs that simplify common Urwid 
applications.  It is now possible to have a single-line Urwid app:


(generic,twisted)_main_loop will take care of creating a Screen 
instance, initializing the palette, and passing input to the widgets to 
be handled.  See: help(urwid.generic_main_loop)


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