[Urwid] excess.org server problems

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Sun Dec 7 10:18:46 EST 2008

Ian Ward wrote:
> Ian Ward wrote:
>> I'm having some hardware problems with the excess.org server.   I'll 
>> post again when I have more information.
> The problem is hdd-controller related in a server in another city, and 
> I've got two newborns to take care of so it will be another few days at 
> least before the site is restored.

I've put up an old backup version of excess.org (the urwid trac site in 
particular is out of date and still pointing at a svn repo) but I have 
updated the hg repo at:


The latest version of the urwid trac site should be available in about a 
week when I have access to the hardware.


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