[Urwid] Scrolling trouble

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Tue Dec 2 17:15:23 EST 2008

Andreas Klöckner wrote:
> Hi Ian, all,
> If you run the attached script with 'python pudb.py pudb.py' and hit 'h', 
> you'll see a help screen that's supposed to be scrollable. For me, it scrolls 
> just a little bit, but doesn't show all the text it's supposed to show.
> Looks like a ListBox bug...
> Andreas
> PS: I'm attaching a bunch of fixes I've made against the hg version. This 
> includes the prior patch.


pudb.py looks exactly like something I was hoping to have time to write
myself.  Would you like me to distribute it with Urwid?

Your patches look fine.  I will include them in my repo (when it's back

I have had some issues with scrolling long unselectable widgets that I
haven't fixed yet, this is likely what you're running into.  A simple
workaround is to break your text into multiple widgets, but the proper
thing to do is to add a test case to test_urwid.py with a really long
widget.  There are lots and lots of listbox test cases, but this looks
like one I missed.


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