[Urwid] Twisted version of generic_main_loop

Walter Mundt walter at okcupid.com
Fri Aug 22 09:51:01 EDT 2008

I just hacked this up last night so no guarantees that it's 
perfect...but here's a twisted_main_loop that's very similar in nature 
and functionality to the generic_main_loop in the current urwid checkout 
-- except that everything run from inside of it happens in the context 
of a Twisted reactor.

It places a blocking input loop in a separate thread, but arranges for 
the actual input processing to happen inside the main reactor thread so 
that this shouldn't cause any real issues.

It definitely needs some refinement, but I thought I'd make it available 
in case anyone has a use for it.

Walter Mundt
walter at okcupid.com
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