[Urwid] problems with overlay widget

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Mon May 21 12:25:15 EDT 2007

zerx at prochas.net wrote:
> i have some problems getting an overlay widget to work.
> can you help me please and have a quick look at the following code?
> this is the error if i press 'h' which triggers the code:
> "ValueError: need more than 1 value to unpack"
> i looked at the examples but didn't find any hint why my code doesn't 
> work but
> the example's one does.


Your problem is here:
> 		# help overlay message
> 		# FIXME: overlay funktioniert ned.
> 		help = urwid.Text('Help\n----\n"h"\t ... this help screen\n"ESC"\t ... exit this help screen\n"ALT+q"\t ... exit the programm', align='center')
> 		help = urwid.AttrWrap(help, 'help')
> 		help = urwid.Overlay(help, topframe, 'center', None, 'middle', None)
> 		#help = urwid.Overlay(help, topframe, 'center', 1, 'middle', None)

You are putting a flow widget (Text) inside an Overlay.  The overlay is 
expecting a fixed widget because your width and height are set to None.

What you are trying to do will probably work in a future release of 
Urwid, I just haven't gotten around to implementing the ability for Text 
to behave like a fixed widget yet.  I guess I should get to work on 
that! :-)

You need to:
1. set a value for width and height in your Overlay, so that it expects 
a box widget
2. wrap your Text widget in a Filler widget, which is a box widget.

This means that it won't intelligently resize based on your text for 
now, but that's the best option I can see at the moment.


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