[Urwid] Scrollbar

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Fri May 18 19:17:31 EDT 2007

John Powell wrote:
> I am new to urwid and working on some custom components for a new open source
> project. I cam across a sample in the urwid archives (back in September of
> 06) that looked promising.. Scrollbar.py. Since the next urwid release isn't
> for another few months, (and urwid scrollbar components won't be in until
> then), I was hoping to get this example working however I have run into some
> issues porting this example to the new TextCanvas class. I am sure that the
> solution is simple enough but I have not had much luck debugging.

Hi John,

Have a look at the "ffesti" branch in svn.  I believe the scrollbar in 
that branch is functional.  I am planning to base the scrollbar that 
will appear in 0.9.9 on that code.


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