[Urwid] Resizing windows in urwid: how small is too small?

James Reeves jreeves at monkeyengines.co.uk
Wed May 9 20:07:55 EDT 2007

Ian Ward wrote:
> Hi James,
> There is a debian bug filed against Urwid for very similar issues. 
> Someone is running a terminal where its size can actually shrink to 
> zero.  As you might imagine, that causes problems like what you are 
> experiencing.
> I am planning to fix this problem in the container widgets as you 
> describe.  To be more specific, box widgets need to cope with column or 
> row sizes of zero (and produce canvases sized that way), flow widgets 
> and fixed widgets are unchanged.
> Ian
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Ah, that's definitely good to know! And whilst we're on the subject of 
widgets, I was wondering if I might make a suggestion on the subject of 
layout control for Columns and Piles? Currently, one initiates them like:

    Columns( [('fixed', 10, widget1), widget2, ('weight', 0.5, widget3)] )

But might I suggest that it would be better to create some "fixed" and 
"weighted" wrapper classes, instead?

    Columns( [fixed(widget1, size = 10), widget2, weighted(widget3, 
weight = 0.5)] )

This has the advantage of keeping the layout data and the widgets in one 
list, making it easier and safer to update. For instance, instead of 
having to do:

    columns.column_types.append(('weight', 0.6))

You could instead:

    columns.widget_list.append( weighted(widget4, 0.6) )

So there's no need to worry about keeping two lists in sync. One could 
also make the weighted and fixed wrappers mostly-transparent proxies to 
the widgets they contain. If you want, I can knock up a quick patch for 
this behaviour for you to have a look at.

James Reeves

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