[Urwid] 0.9.8 and python version

À̸¸¿ë yong at os-k.co.kr
Fri Jun 8 05:21:15 EDT 2007

Hi everyone,

i'm sure i'm fallen in love with urwid!

Unlike Changelog announcement about Python version (Compatible with Python >= 2.2), urwid 0.9.8 has some problem with python 2.3 (my client's version).

First, canvas.rows() function currently uses generator express, not list comprehesion for sum(). BTW. canvas.cols() function uses list comprehension.

Second, my curses module in python 2.3 does not have use_default_colors(), so curses.Screen.start() cannot catch the exception with curses._error, but with AttributeError.

Third, str_util.c uses macros like Py_RETURE_TURE and Py_RETURN_FALSE, which are not defined with python 2.3.

It's easy to fix and use it myself. But i think i have to report this problem for others.

Thanks for the great module!

OSK (Open Source Knowledge)

Man-Yong Lee <yong at os-k.co.kr>
Tel: 011-328-0066
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