[Urwid] Weird LineBox behavior

John Powell jpowell at vmware.com
Sat Jun 2 03:38:45 EDT 2007

Thanks for the quick explanation. I had not placed the locale archive in the
correct location. Fixed now and things are working fine.

Thanks again,


> When Urwid thinks that it is not running with a UTF-8 
> encoding it will use the "alternate character set" escape 
> sequences to draw certain graphic characters.  If your 
> terminal is not set up to interpret these escape sequences it 
> will display the characters as the letters you show above.  
> Most terminals that I have tested will display the proper 
> character when the alternate character set escape sequences are used.
> What terminal do you notice the problem in (or is it the 
> Linux console, since you mention upgrading your kernel)?  
> What is your $LANG setting?
> Ian
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