[Urwid] beginner help

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Wed Jul 25 16:27:45 EDT 2007

Pedro Jorge Caridade wrote:
> I going through Rebecca's example rbreu_filechooser.py to learn dynamic 
> ListBox. By trial-and-error I manage to understand the example (also 
> very well documented) but I have one question that I cannot solve in 
> trying to implement in my application. If I have two columns like 
> Rebecca's example and I want that only one of them have the focus? I'm 
> using a SimpleListWalker and a ListBox to construct the two columns.

You could use a two ListBoxes in a Columns if you want two separate 
scrolling areas.

If you want the lists to scroll together but be independently selectable 
you can make each "side" of the ListBox rows a selectable widget and 
move the AttrWrap that highlights the selected item into the Columns.

I hope that makes sense, I've spent too much time working on other 
projects recently.


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