[Urwid] Status update: Performance improvements

Victor Stinner victor.stinner at haypocalc.com
Sat Jan 27 07:30:55 EST 2007

Le Vendredi 26 Janvier 2007 22:03, Ian Ward a écrit :
> Also, the latest profiler results suggest that caching the column widths
> in the Columns widget might be worthwhile.

Great :-) I'm happy to read that urwid is faster and faster at each 
release ;-)

> These changes make use of features that are not available in Python 2.1,
> so this release requires Python 2.2 or higher.  I think this is a pretty
> conservative change, since Python 2.2 *has* been available for 5 years now.

I don't care to Python 2.1 nor Python 2.2. I'm using Python 2.4 and I will 
propably switch to Python 2.5 since both versions are available on Ubuntu 

Python 2.1 and 2.2 has been released in 2001.

Python 2.3 is 4 years old (released in 2003).

Victor Stinner aka haypo

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