[Urwid] Urwid benchmarking tool and results

Julien Muchembled jm at jm10.no-ip.com
Mon Jan 15 22:02:17 EST 2007

> One problem with caching the result of calc_width is that in order to 
> fix ticket #7 we can't assume that the width of a string will be the 
> same from one call to the next.
> Once we display a character on the user's terminal we might detect that 
> their terminal doesn't display that character the way we expected, and 
> we need to adjust that character's width in the library.
(I didn't notice this ticket)

> It doesn't make sense to cache if 
> the number of cache hits are going to be significantly reduced by other 
> optimizations.
of course

> BTW, I am very interested in reproducing some of the Hachoir benchmarks. 
>  It would be great if someone would submit something like the bench_1.py 
> program in contrib/trunk for Hachoir.  Look at the bench_record.py 
> program in contrib/trunk for an example of how to record some user input.
I use almost no code. I only added an option to hachoir-urwid to force a 
screen update between each event: http://hachoir.org/changeset/1532
(and a --profile option for the stats: http://hachoir.org/changeset/1525)
I record a test with:
$ tee events | hachoir-urwid file.ext
and bench with:
$ hachoir-urwid --profiler --profile-display file.ext < events


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