[Urwid] IRC channel: #urwid on oftc.net

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Sun Jan 14 14:09:30 EST 2007

Daniel Watkins wrote:
> Ian Ward <ian <at> excess.org> writes:
>> If anyone's interested in an Urwid IRC channel I could set one up too.
> As an Urwid newbie, this would be an extremely helpful thing to have around, as 
> I've had a couple of questions which are almost certainly trivial but 
> undocumented (or unindexed in Google which, surely, is much the same :p).

I've set up an #urwid IRC channel on OFTC.  My nick on OFTC is "wardi"

If you've got any short questions or suggestions, or just want to say 
"hi", please stop in.


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