[Urwid] Urwid benchmarking tool and results

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Mon Jan 1 17:55:13 EST 2007

I've checked in a very basic benchmark of the tour.py example program:

bench_record.py lets you run the tour example program and outputs the 
input you entered on exit. That input can be used to make a script like 

You can download bench_1.py here:

Here are my results for bench_1.py with Urwid
[4.747668981552124, 4.6999080181121826, 4.6958651542663574]
Average: 4.714481

And this in on the current trunk (development version) with one patch* 
to fix some bad canvas behaviour:
[1.6676809787750244, 1.6837959289550781, 1.708920955657959]
Average: 1.686799

I'll post more results as other performance improvements are committed.



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