[Urwid] crash on right aligned text

Ian Ward ian at excess.org
Tue Mar 14 22:31:36 EST 2006

toMpEr wrote:

>I dont know if its reported, but i found a bug in right aligned
>text widget.If i set the cursor to right aligned line in tour.py press end
>then home its gives an exception:

>urwid.listbox.ListBoxError: Focus Widget <urwid.widget.AttrWrap instance at 0xb7b0ff4c> at position 32 within listbox calculated cursor coords (86, 0) but rendered cursor coords (87, 0)!
No this hasn't been reported yet.  Thank you for finding this bug!

It is related to the new Layout class introduced in 0.9.0-pre1 and a 
slight difference in the way Edit widgets handle the cursor position.  
I'll try to have that fixed soon.

>btw.: is there any plan to menu widget and mouse support?
A menu widget would be a nice addition.  It can be created with a Frame 
and Columns widget containing MenuItem widgets (see dialog.py example) 
for the menu bar ("File", "Edit" etc..).
The pop-up menu part can be created with an Overlay and a Pile 
containing MenuItems.

I'd be happy to accept patches if someone wants to try it.

Mouse support is the one thing that is stopping me from releasing a 1.0 
version of Urwid.  I want to find a really clean and flexible way to add 
mouse support. I am open to suggestions.


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