[Urwid] crash on right aligned text

toMpEr tomper at fw.hu
Tue Mar 14 15:08:15 EST 2006

I dont know if its reported, but i found a bug in right aligned
text widget.If i set the cursor to right aligned line in tour.py press end
then home its gives an exception:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "tour.py", line 329, in ?
  File "tour.py", line 326, in main
  File "tour.py", line 303, in main
    self.ui.run_wrapper( self.run )
  File "/home/tomper/test/urwid-0.9.1/urwid/raw_display.py", line 155, in run_wrapper
  File "tour.py", line 308, in run
    canvas = self.view.render( size, focus=1 )
  File "/home/tomper/test/urwid-0.9.1/urwid/widget.py", line 1517, in render
    focus and self.focus_part == 'body')
  File "/home/tomper/test/urwid-0.9.1/urwid/widget.py", line 1568, in render
    r = self.w.render( size, focus=focus )
  File "/home/tomper/test/urwid-0.9.1/urwid/listbox.py", line 260, in render
    raise ListBoxError, "Focus Widget %s at position %s within listbox calculated cursor coords %s but rendered cursor coords %s!" %(`focus_widget`,`focus_pos`,`cursor`,`c_cursor`)
urwid.listbox.ListBoxError: Focus Widget <urwid.widget.AttrWrap instance at 0xb7b0ff4c> at position 32 within listbox calculated cursor coords (86, 0) but rendered cursor coords (87, 0)!

btw.: is there any plan to menu widget and mouse support?

Thx.: toMpEr

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